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Hai everyone!! it’s been so long longgggg time i didn’t post any-post hahaha. how r u guys?

Now i’m an SeniorHighSchool student. I feel the difference between SHS and JHS. There are so many lessons and tests almost EVERY WEEK!!!!! damn, it can make me crazy +__+ hell yeah.

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hmmm, it’s getting busier everyday, so i’m gonna share some new posts today cause there’s no test tomorrow 😀

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Hello Kitty Biography

wow, glad to know that HelloKitty was born in November 1st, 1974..hahaha the most beautiful date in my life.

Hello Kitty BiographyReported This is a featured page

Hello Kitty Biography - I Heart Hello Kitty In the real world, Hello Kitty was born in London in 1974, (even though a japanese company named Sanrio made her)when a young Tokyo-based company called Sanrio company co., asked designer Ikuko Shimizu to invent a cartoon character who can rely on to the preteen girl in every girl. Sanrio company co., which already created a bear and a dog (and, curiously, a strawberry) in its growing cast of characters, needed a new character that could be decorated on aplastic coin purse that they were planning to produce.
Shimizu, wanted to create a cat that was peteen-nish for sure, author Marie Y. Moss writes in a book called “Hello Kitty Hello Everything”, but one that would certainly prefer a catnap to catnip.” And so the designer drafted a white cat wearing a red bow and blue overalls. On November 1, 1974, Sanrio introduced the first picture of Hello Kitty. She sat between a bottle of milk and a pet goldfish, and had turned her head sideways to face her new found friends. In a word: cute. Or more accurately, Kawaii, the distinctively Japanese breed of cuteness that injects adorable attributes into all aspects of the country’s consumer culture. Continue reading
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Say Yes To ‘Snow White’

Kristen Stewart Talks 'Snow White' at 2011 Comic-Con

Charlize Theron, who confirmed this week she adopted a four month old son, Jackson, called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest Friday and after thanking everyone for the well wishes, she dove right into dishing all about Snow White and the Huntsman. So what was her inspiration for cheneling evil Queen Ravenna? “Around the time I was negotiating to do this, the wheel starts to turn…I was watching television one night and The Shining came on,” recalled Theron. “I was just like, ‘Oh my God, that’s it, she’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining.’ Locked in her hotel castle going slowly crazy.” Another reason she couldn’t turn down the role? Kristen Stewart. Continue reading

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really crazy shoes!


Talk about fancy footwear!

This rising music star (who has some very famous parents) was seen wearing these interesting kicks

while out in NYC on Friday.

Any guesses as to who it could be?

IT’s Willow Smith!

The 11-year-old “Whip My Hair” singer is known for her funky style, but these shoes are definitely out there!

But somepeople called it’s ‘freak’

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Sinopsis Playfull Kiss eps.16

I reallyreally love this film. Exactly, this last episode, they’re so funny<3

Playfull Kiss eps.16
Hari yang indah baru saja menyapa Parang University, Ha Ni dan Seung Jo sepasang pengantin baru datang dengan mengendarai sepeda mereka ke kampus. Mereka parkir di depan gedung. He Ra datang dan mendekati Seung Jo dan menyapanya. He Ra melihat mereka mengendarai sepeda pasangan, dan Seung Jo mengungkapkan bahwa itu milik Ibunya.
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Rumah Sakit Bersalin Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty di mana-mana Anda lihat hari ini, tapi yang pasti akan membayangkan hal itu akan menjadi tema dari sebuah rumah sakit bersalin di Taiwan? Gambar dari mana-mana, kucing yang dicap mouthless ke segala sesuatu dari staf perawat kelepak untuk akte kelahiran.

Pertama di dunia dan hanya bertema Hello Kitty-rumah sakit bersalin di Yuanlin, Taiwan, pada awalnya dibangun pada tahun 2006 dengan kapasitas tiga puluh tempat tidur. Diharapkan bahwa ikon kartun Jepang akan mengurangi stres melahirkan serta meningkatkan bisnis. Continue reading
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